Who Is The Notorious K.I.D?

The Notorious K.I.D is a small business based in Miami, Florida.  It's a labor of love for its Founding Minions, who were inspired by a shared passion for music, and for passing down its culture and aesthetic to a younger generation.



The Notorious K.I.D is a music and youth culture inspired clothing line for kids, a.k.a. mini moguls.  

At The Notorious K.I.D, it's the mini moguls who call the shots: they're our creative directors, quality controllers, and chief executives.  On any given day, their busy agendas include bossing around their minions, ordering them to scout photo shoot locations, demanding new design ideas, and generally keeping them in line.

And who are the minions?  The mini mogul minions are The Notorious K.I.D's hardworking and cost-effective labor force: parents!  (In fact, parents are the only legal form of free labor!)  While the mini moguls are off making tough calls, mini mogul minions keep the business running behind the scenes.  Minions maintain our website, fulfill orders, oversee inventory, and--most importantly--finance the entire operation.  

That's why at The Notorious K.I.D, we're kid run and parent powered!